AP & Mary Jone - More Than A Ghetto (紐約貧民窟)
AP & Mary Jone - More Than A Ghetto (紐約貧民窟)

AP & Mary Jone - More Than A Ghetto (紐約貧民窟)

Hip hop / Rap

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AP & Mary Jone - More Than A Ghetto (紐約貧民窟)

AP & Mary Jone - More Than A Ghetto (紐約貧民窟)


發布時間 2007-11-04


AP 第二章專輯 ( Welcome 2 New York, The Best Of AP ) 即將問世, 請大家持續鎖定 AP 亞力維新相關頻道, 感謝各界近來給予的支持與鼓勵, 我們會持續為創作音樂努力. 並希望有更多的同好能加入我們的行列.

請不要忘記, 現在北京 SV 與 AP 正在大陸舉辦的免費譖送 AP 專輯活動, 請大家踴躍支持, 為好音樂一起努力.

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(Chorus) Marry Jones
More than a ghetto, is more than a ghetto to me. - Repeat -

(Verse 1) 墨者
This world is never perfect and i learned it in a hard way,
beg nigga wut surprise attack, i am chink nigga embrace biggie 2pac,
emerging gangster HipHOp, fuck the christal i give different life style.
跳出來看 兩個世界本不會相交 這髒的爛的臭的我根本不會心跳
Ghetto is not the way i wanna go along say dat again,
Who ever choose his own way, Who got a Chance to say shyt,
Words of wisdom, Pao Pao, Life of a phentom, You never see it coming,
The real hardcord breed, representing dragon seed,
Yan sea Motherfuckers i know you shine on me 16 bars i make you recognize me, Night lifes nigga i make you dig me,
Straight up from Queens Flushing AP reunited T.B.
cash my blood money ghetto babies recognize me

(Verse 2) 滿人
I wanna go desert my mental & physical
Everyday life no purpose how u like that yo
Crucial world, if u don't fight them, they fight u yo
Dicing u teasing u, be at the school like to fuck wz u
To be a gangster is phat, thats the only thing i can be match
Don't be sad, animal circus where im standing at
Staring at try me again i'll break u neck
Lounge back fuck wz manchuker u push urself to death
Ghetto wuts ghetto my heart is more than a ghetto
The things i would do without thinking im a fool
Thats ghetto my every rhyme, word came out from my pencil
Thats ghetto New York Flushing keeps staying in real

(Verse 3) 墨者
Yea you know the life in ghetto text book don't provide the next meal,
Pain, Poverty, My everyday struggle, Fame, Capital, Wut more you asked for,
Back to the real world, Mad ways to make doe,
Godspeed, i sold my soul to the devil, ghetto,
i soak myself in the underworld, ice, liquor, bitches, i snore wonderful,
1.2 rounds clack clack in this swrol pool, fuck im drowning deeper

(Verse 4) 滿人
Ghetto next minute my gun will star pop for answer
Pop for gangster pop for whoever is out there that don't remember
Its the hate mixed wz lov, its the fate determine the guts
Its da poverty making people sick cold blooded murder inc
Thats it we don't need u to acknowledge anything
So do u do me expose to the public
Secrecy we da victims of this new world society
Pardon me Im just a immigrant dead hard represent
Environment is like da cell life time imprisonment
Shivering sending my msg to the U.S president
We need to change cuz we all American

(Verse 5) 墨者
How was i suppose to take off,
Without this ghetto resume i just another fool boo,
My lov don't stop here, my dream don't allow fear,
AKA 不悔 we tide the bond for life time semi-auto fight rhyme insecure,
How they raised me infatuated and all i hav is ghetto hatred,
But one day baby believe my thought aren't crazy
漫長的過了今天 最後終會走到終點 1ov baby

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