[Original]Fat Lady
[Original]Fat Lady

[Original]Fat Lady

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[Original]Fat Lady

[Original]Fat Lady

Lois Cheung 長路
Lois Cheung 長路

發佈時間 2016-01-20


词曲/唱:Lois Cheung

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Fat Lady

Fat lady fat fat lady oh

People are jealous, all of you oh
You’re so poised, to be the queen of food

Pizza is adorable, Ice-cream is cool
Yes, Lasagna tastes so good
Pie is endless, endless yummy
Sadness is from you’ve nothing to eat

Happy is easy, just have a burger (Don’t forget cheese)
Butter makes me feel so better
Chocolates is high, fly me to the sky
I’m full, so everything will be all right

I need more calories
I need more sugar
I wanna eat a lot lot lot

Don’t cut down my fat intake
Don’t stop me having fun
Fat fat lady, oh yeah I am

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