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《遊戲 The Game》
曲 / 編 / 製作: leungarto


Everyday, everyone receives the same information, enjoys the same entertainment, eats the same food and immerses in the same atmosphere of life. This immutable law is very solid as a copper and iron wall, nobody is willing to break through it on a wild goose chase.


Try to break the wall down even though you see its existing. However, the stranged gazes from the others and the coolness from some whispers behind your back that make people prefer to stay in their original position and continue to enjoy the stability brought by the immutable law. Because a stable life has no risks and can also calm people's minds. This sense of security is always hard to put down.


Gradually, people can no longer distinguish the differences between themselves and others, and they have no interesting to explore the similarities and differences between each other because everyone lives under the same order, even if there are differences but the foundation is the same. Even they are living like a robot but they do not feel it, because people rely on security more than anything else that just like the relationship between water and fish, as inseparable.