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Find A Way
Find A Way

Find A Way

Singer / Songwriter為了你,我可以

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Find A Way

Find A Way


發布時間 2021-08-06



09. Find A Way
專輯中唯一一首英文歌曲。《Find A Way》是以作為求婚曲為目標而創作的歌曲。在歌曲中,Marcus掏空心房,僅留下赤裸裸的感觸,誠懇的向另一方表示願意天長地久,永遠守護在彼此身邊的承諾。隨著鋼琴輕輕的彈奏,《Find A Way》為聽者帶來對未來的期待與期望。感情路上雖然坎坷,但我們仍然能夠期待未來將走進我們生命的那一個人,願意和我們一同並肩努力,為彼此的下半生記錄下完美的篇章。

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Find A Way

詞曲 Lyrics & Melody | Marcus李俊緯
編曲 Music Arrangement | Marcus李俊緯、Jerry Poh 傅晴樂

I've seen so many faces
But no one has that look in their eyes
You have a way on my heart
Your love it touched me deep inside

Time will keep passing and pass us by
Why don't we give this a try?

So why don't we find a way to make it
We will be strong enough to take it
Why don’t you stay, why don’t you stay?
I’ll hold you through the night
When everything fades away we're left with
All of these memories and places
Let's find a way tonight
With you it all seems right

You said that you were so scared
That maybe things will be like the past
My dear if we don't take steps
Then we will never ever know if this love could last

You know that my love for you is true
And I can’t seem to hide
I made up my mind that
You’re the one for the rest of my life

I'll be here waiting now and forever
Won't you stay here by my side?

I give you my vow, I say it loud
We’re gonna make this last
This is the start, till death do us part
Forever you have my heart

I've seen so many faces
But no one has that look in your eyes

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