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Home Alone
Home Alone

Home Alone

Singer / Songwriter

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徐嘉浩 Kevin Kaho Tsui

發布時間 2020-05-25


Music & Lyrics by Kevin Kaho Tsui
Keyboards by Daisy Poon
Animation by Mr. Melville

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Pigeon Lady:
You see sometimes you can trust a person
and then when things are down
they forget about you

Kevin McCallister:
Maybe they’re just too busy
maybe they don’t forget about you
but they forget to remember you
I don’t think people mean to forget
I think it just happens

People come and go as they do
I know life is a mess and I wonder
how did I collapse to this place?

I look down at myself from the
mirror reflecting my dark lonely
eyes with tears, hearts with
sorrow & pain underneath in my skin

Pigeon Lady:
I haven’t got many friends

Kevin McCallister:
oh, sorry

Pigeon Lady:
I'm like the birds I care for
People pass me in the street
They see me but they try to ignore me
They’d prefer I wasn’t part of their city

Kevin McCallister:
Yeah, it’s sort of like that
with my family, I’m kind of
the pigeon of the house

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