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盧子杰 James Lu

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發布時間 2019-02-05


We live. We die. We smile. We cry.
We sleep in night. We say goodbye.
We fall. We climb. We seek the light.
What we decide are all define.
We hate. We like. We lose. We fight.
We’re wasting time, but never mind.
What we’ve been try. We think it’s right.
It’s always just a lie.

Why everybody seems so worried.
No one ever try to see.
Tell me something that is worth it.
We’re running out of time.
Everything all look so easy.
We live in our fantasy.
We’re facing our own enemy.
We’re dreaming all the time.

We can’t get off this suite.
This might rewind sometime tonight.
And I. I can’t. Can’t forget tonight. Tonight.
Who’s wrong.
Who you know. You need. You see.
It’s keeps coming up.
If we try to reach it, what we’re gonna found.
In this time we know we’re just keep falling down.

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為了聽你的歌下載了 street voice 哈哈哈 第一次聽這首就喜歡上了 加油哦!


這風格好好聽 好希望繼續有這類型的作品!