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問題總部 It's Your Fault

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發布時間 2020-03-23





(Day is still awaiting.)



詞 Lyrics|凌元耕 YuanKeng Ling / 丁佳慧 Hana Lin
曲 Composer|郭佳音 Babu / 丁佳慧 Hana Lin / 凌元耕 YuanKeng Ling / 問題總部 It's Your Fault
編曲 Music Arranger|問題總部 It's Your Fault

主唱 Vocal |丁佳慧 Hana Lin / 凌元耕 YuanKeng Ling
電吉他 Electric Guitar|蕭瑋德 Wade Hsiao / 黃子恩 John Huang
電貝斯 Electric Bass|陳建安 Jason Chen
爵士鼓 Drums| 林子祈 Benny Lin
鋼琴/電鋼琴 Piano/Electric Piano|吳昱陞 Sam Wu

錄音師 Recording Engineer|吳昱陞 Sam Wu
錄音協助 |蕭瑋德 Wade Hsiao / 黃子恩 John
錄音室 Recording Studio|GANNNNN Studio
鼓組錄音師 Drum Recording Engineer |欽聖 ChinSheng
鼓組錄音室 Drum Recording Studio |
當道音樂 Downtown Music
混音 Mixing |
吳昱陞 Sam Wu ( GANNNNN Studio )
母帶後期處理 Mastering |
Jon Tornblom@Transparent Mastering

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Day is still awaiting
Let it flow into me
Sketch out another painting
Till’ the green is no longer green

Up n down, up n down, up n now I’m sinking
Maybe next I’d be floating-high-
In the clouds, on the ground which way am I bound?
Choosing is not an option

Hey, are we fighting?
Baby, just wanna talk
Truth is, I’m too invested
Too afraid to show my hand

Sittin’ so tall
How do you feel?
That I’m soaked in, you got me spinning
Don’t you fall
I won’t let you, I won’t let you, I won’t let you...

Kicking so fine
How do you feel
That I’m soaked in, you got me spinning
Don’t you fall
I won’t let you down


With you when I wake up
Wait on you so I stay up
Every time you touch my stomach tense up
Tryna’ find the light
It could be tonight
Peace with my green eyes

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