Care killed the cat
Care killed the cat

Care killed the cat

MetalOut of the mouth comes evil

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Care killed the cat

Care killed the cat

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噪音效應 Noise Effect

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發布時間 2014-03-21


Whenever I come to death I walked on a dark path
With eyes shut tight I lived like a walking corpse
Let`s give up all hopes
Leave it , remove the fucking trouble
Now crash them

This isn't what you expect
Aren`t you waiting to see

I know we have to pay to be a better man
We promised to turn over ,but it was all lip service
Just take my soul away (from me)

I cut my tongue to pay my lies
I dig out my eyes to see what you want
I run out my blood to planet your world
And let`s see I will payback

Sometimes I felt like being in the mist
Next minute I've lost my chance

All you said around my head
I don't make a fuss. There's no disgrace
(Die! Will die! Want to live , don't want to die.)
lies! We lie! survive Let`s end our lies

It`s time to payback (Time for payback)
The only way to bring me back
I trIed so hard (I trIed so hard)
Tried not to fall Tried to be strong

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