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24 Years Old of You【2020全新單曲】
24 Years Old of You【2020全新單曲】

24 Years Old of You【2020全新單曲】

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24 Years Old of You【2020全新單曲】

24 Years Old of You【2020全新單曲】

I Mean Us
I Mean Us

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發布時間 2020-05-21


All galaxies in the universe never stop separating from each other.
Though this phenomenon delivers a deep sense of loneliness,
I still believe my thoughts could drift across the universe to reach you.



作曲 Composer : 梁丹郡 Mandark Liang
作詞 Lyrics : 曾國洵 Kuohsun Tseng
編曲 Arranger : I Mean Us
演奏 Performer : I Mean Us
主唱.電吉他 Vocal.Guitar : 章羣 Chun Zhang
主唱.鍵盤 Vocal.Keyboard : 梁丹郡 Mandark Liang
電吉他 Guitar : 楊詠淳 Vitz Yang
鼓 Drums : 呂佩蓬 PP L
貝斯 Bass : 陳思翰 Hank Chen

製作人 Producer : 韓立康 GummyBearMan
製作助理 Producer Assistant : 趙宇晨
主要錄音師 Main Recording Engineer : 韓立康
主要錄音室 Main Recording Studio : 阿康工作室
鼓組錄音師 Drum Recording Engineer: 錢煒安 Zen Chien
鼓組錄音室 Drum Recording Studio : 112F Recording studio
鼓錄音助理 Drum Recording Assistant : 陳祺龍 Chris Chen
人聲錄音師 Vocal Recording Engineer : 蔡周翰(@Lights up studio)
人聲錄音室 Vocal Recording Studio : BB road studio
混音師 Mixing Engineer : Chris Coady
混音錄音室 Mixing Studio: Sunset Sound
母帶後期處理工程師 Mastering Engineer: Greg Calbi
母帶後期錄音室 Mastering Studio: Sterling Sound

藝術指導 Art Director: 盧翊軒
電腦圖形設計 CG Artist: Pin Chiang

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Standing right inside your parallel universe
There’s a solar system shining that you can’t reverse

I know I know
Something begin to change and embrace
But you might not know that my feelings will never change




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