12345 I HATE YOU (Demo)
12345 I HATE YOU (Demo)

12345 I HATE YOU (Demo)


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12345 I HATE YOU (Demo)

12345 I HATE YOU (Demo)

I Mean Us
I Mean Us

1 月


Call Out Music X Zepp 台日友好系列

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發佈時間 2017-04-21


I Mean Us / I'm U

Formed in 2015 and based in Taipei, Taiwan. Romantically combines the 1990s analog sound with psychedelic style. Their music can excites different reflections and atmospheres in your mind.

Schmaltzy songs at the end of the century.
2015年底成立,來自台北。曲風雜揉Psychedelic Rock/Indie Pop/Noise Pop/Dream Pop/Shoegaze。器樂操弄著九〇年代類比聲響,男女主唱交織,唱述著內心的躁動以及曾經滿地的心碎。
他們是I Mean Us,唱著世紀末濫情歌。

○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●
Lyric by Mandark
Written by MAndark
Zebrateens - vocals, guitars
Mandark - vocals, synthesizer, keyboards
Vitz - guitars
PPL - percussion, drums
Hank - bass guitar
Mastering engineer - Vitz
Recording, Mix by Layne Cheng
Recorded at Line in Studio ( Taipei ) 2017
○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●○ ●
 ► ᶠ ᴬ ᶜ ᴱ ᴮ ᴼ ᴼ ᴷ
 ► ᴵ ᴺ ᴰ ᴵ ᴱ ᵛ ᴼ ˣ - 下 載 供 應
 ► ˢ ᵀ ᴿ ᴱ ᴱ ᵀ ᵛ ᴼ ᴵ ᶜ ᴱ
 ► ᴮ ᴬ ᴺ ᴰ ᶜ ᴬ ᴹ ᴾ
 ► ˢ ᴼ ᵁ ᴺ ᴰ ᶜ ᴸ ᴼ ᵁ ᴰ

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Is that hard to say?
say something let me lose heart
say something make up my mind walk away
and never think
thinking of you
Is that my fault ?
to gave you all of me
without reservation then make you waste
I still never regret all of it
I can't admit it
even you were so cruel to me
so I tell everybody I never said
: I love you , too
I don't care about you
I know you are here
About a block down from here
even make you not dare to say a word ,
to see my face
so what you done these years

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