RockGiant Brave 龐然無懼

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DefeatTheGiant 擊倒巨人

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發布時間 2014-02-11


Defeat The Giant – Rebirth

Despise strikes over me every single day.
But their shitty opinion sounds like ashes to me.
This means that I’ll never trust you.
My friend,I hope you know.What I do now is being myself.
We don’t breathe their thoughts.We live our lives in a faithful way.

Don’t even let the chance slip through your finger.
The chance is yours.Never look down on yourself.

Feel so lonely,there is no one dares to do with me.I only got one chance in this live.
So pick up the courage.Go all out to fight.I gotta do something real for myself.

No matter how the past I am.While I determine to change.
Even if fail in my way,I can come again at any time.
Yeah!I am failing.My resolution shows that I have a hope.
I promised that I can return to the glory.
This is who I am.This is what I got.
This is what I gain.This is what I lost.

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