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Singer / SongwriterBorn To

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Irene 陳彥伶

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發布時間 2018-05-06



Little girl, little girl, tell me what is wrong
You're crying all the time
Saying you feel so alone

“I feel no warmth in the place
Where everyone calls 'home'.
'Cause all I see are broken hearts
And their pieces on the floor.”

All she wanted was to be in a safe place she belongs
To hide her from the world outside
And protect her from the storm

But no one else could understand
Guess they don't even really know
That the little girl's heart is breaking
As she closes up her doors

She takes her last breath, closing her eyes
“I want to end this”
And she starts to cry
Waiting for an angle to take her life

But the angel came and told her
“Darling don't you die.
The world might be a scary place
But there's so much for you to find.”

“So don't you cry, my little girl
I'll be by your side.
To guide you through the rain
And make sure everything's alright.”

Little girl, take my hand
And I would bring you home
Little girl, she starts to smile
'Cause this is where she belongs.

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