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分類 Rock
發佈 2014 年 5 月 13 日




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You lose your thought
Cuz you’re under control
You stay as ususal
Doing the boring damn job
The news keep telling you “Tt’s a wonderful world ”
Then you start to believe maybe the world’s wonderful

You eat the same tasteless food everyday
You drink the wine but just can’t get drunk
And you feel something not right
Then you wonder if there’s anyone feel the same way

They tell you the big brother is watching you
He’s extremely wise and always right
You think the big brother is watching you
He is so mysterious No one has ever seen him
The big brother right now is watching you
He makes you believe he gonna rule the world
The big brother is watching you
He is anyone and anywhere you could think of

You wanna to prove what they done is so wrong
You determine to fight stick to the truth you believe
And you try to memorize when the world start to change
Then you find out the memory fall apart into shit

They are monitoring everything in your life
They force you to obey without hesitate
Then you always confuse can’t tell the black and white
Day in Day out Everyone’s a walking dead

混音:Myron Hou