Sonorous Faith PT.2
Sonorous Faith PT.2

Sonorous Faith PT.2

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Sonorous Faith PT.2

Sonorous Faith PT.2

Hope The Flowers

專輯發行時間 2023-05-22
建立於 2023-05-22


This new album is separated into 2 parts. The first part represents the aggressive side, basically like ‘Warchestra’. On the contrary, the second part which will be launched after the first one represents a beautiful and gentle side which dwell in the initial of ‘Hope The Flowers’.

The 4th album will be completely finished by this coming December 2022, we are now ready for the pre-order session of ‘Sonorous Faith PT.2’ until the end of April. We have the collection of products providing in the special price for our special fans. Please kindly support us and check them out on Facebook page ‘Hope The Flowers’.

‘Hope the Flowers’ was initially created as a individual project by Hon - Narongrit Ittipolnavakul (Guitarist) and it is currently the instrumental, post-rock band from Bangkok, Thailand.
We gathered to perform live shows and create our own songs by the concept of powerful rhythms with emotionally touching melodies.
We intent in the elegance of Asian style and also build an emotional atmosphere in all of the songs with a fascinating concept as a short cinematography.

*I am* only human. I have faith in my own faith.
I *trust* in my soul and *spiritual* anchors, no one can force me.
I hope you will respect all of my faiths
and realize how powerful they are.
I will *keep* it along the way,
I absolutely will.

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