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4 則動態

Rainy Knight

RJ2W is our Mother Star. Barren land, polluted oceans, and vanished forests have made it a high-tech place.

Insufficient energy has lasted for hundreds of years, so developing new energy into the universe has become an essential task for the sustainable development of RJ2W. The Rainy Knights is an organization born for this task.

The Rainy Knights went on an exploration and traveled throughout the universe. Our squad is dispatched to the Milky Way, some 2.5 million light-years away from RJ2W, ending up crashing onto this planet.

"This is Rainy Knights calling. Please respond. Repeat, this is Rainy Knights calling. We crashed unexpectedly during the mission, requesting the coordinates of the landing point."

"Go find the energy that the Mother Star needs on this planet, then."

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【 Production Team 】


Arranged by Rainy Knight
Presenter & Produced by LNiCH
Mastered & Mixed by LNiCH
Mixed at Gather Music Studio
Assisted by Attis
Recorded by LNiCH,Min-Hsiang Chang(01,02,03),Tzu Yu Lin(04)
Recorded at Gather Music Studio,Wave Productions(02)
Ukulele by Feng E(02)
Keys by Alice Lee (01,02,03)
Drums Technician by Relaxx Tseng(01,02,03)
Synth Program by Da Da Chen(04)
Production & Publishing & Artist Management by Gather Music Studio
A&R and Marketing Executive by Rainy Knight,Gather Music
Artist Managers by LNiCH,Payge Liu
Special Project Supervisor by Chen Yi Yi
Copywriter by Rainy Knight
Design & Illustrator by SallyChien
Special Thanks:Daphne Fang,Ivan Lo,Johnny,Just Music Studio,Kurt,Luke,Made In Here,NewType,Odin Huang,Pocket Music Studio,Pocky Wang,Samuel TSAI,Sean Yang,Trevors Wang



Rainy Knight

Feng E is the second musician we know on earth. 
Without any words and norms, a conversation through music will be the echo and combination of beliefs.