Christmas Side (Single Version)

Alternative ・ Christmas Side Single

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Christmas Side (Single Version)


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發佈時間 2013-12-25


released 24 December 2012
Recorded live on December 3rd, 2012 at Rooftop Audio, Banciao.
Additional overdubs on December 20th and 22nd.

Yuchain Wang - Guitars & Vocals, Mixer, Recorder
Levon Hsu - Bass Guitars
Agoo Lu - Drums
Changlee Yichun - Violins
Moon Chou - Cellos


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Wake you up from the separated sky
there's nothing new in the love you try to hide
from the start

In the empty house you slowly hum
the love song that people'd never sung
in the Christmas time

Wake you up from the different time
wonder why both eyes announced to cry through the night

You've been tied so high no way to fight
when the snows gathers on your window still
Ain't got nothing to hold onto

And all your buddies they'll be waiting all night long
Remove your body that slowly

I feel your love I feel your hate I feel your pain I feel your broken heart
just as mine
so let the candle light your window painted blue
in the Christmas Side

where all your buddies they'd be hoping all night long
unlock your body towards me
Before the Christmas coming to town

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