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A Band

A Band

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A Band

A Band

趙廣絜 KJ
趙廣絜 KJ

發布時間 2021-12-21


一個樂團的故事 written by kj 電吉他蘇蘇彈的

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She’s ready to go
She doesn’t live here anymore
And he said he’s feeling bored
You know, keep playing the same chord
Isn’t fun at all

It hurts a little bit
We talk about it without emotion
You know how much it means to me
But i could only say congratulations
In the end I’m alone again
Just like how it began

I don’t wanna miss you
Don’t wanna miss the way
You say you didn't mean to
But we always fight over same old shit
I hate the silence that you make
Do you like my music anyway

But I know I’m gonna miss you
I’m gonna miss the days
All the crazy things we’ve been through
All the silly songs we play
If we could do it again
I miss you guys so bad

All these compromises we’ve made
for such a long time
Why can’t you see
You know you need to hold your temper sometimes
But you never did

In the end I’m alone again
Just like how it began

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I miss you guys so bad.致我從前的團員




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