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Kyle's Wedding
Kyle's Wedding

Kyle's Wedding

Singer / Songwriter

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Kyle's Wedding

Kyle's Wedding

趙廣絜 KJ
趙廣絜 KJ

發布時間 2020-03-03


I hate how it feels like
reaching twenty five
Is there a strange feeling growing inside your mind

Got a friend whose name’s Kyle
We haven’t speak for a long time
He left a message and its like

“Hey bro you know I’m getting married this December
Would you like to come and play some wedding song for us
It will be cool I’m sure
Hope i could see you there"

So I brought my high school friend Vicky
The one he said was pretty
We used to hang out every week

I missed the old days that we got hangovers on Sunday morning
Now she’s having a Baby

“You’ve seen the most fucked up things I’ve done ever
Don’t tell my kids don’t let them see those pictures
What Happens Here, Stays Here"
She sounds like a mother

Until the party’s over
My brains are getting sober
With all the things that makes me wonder
Why am i such a loser

Am I the only person
who gets a little jealous
Cause I don’t want to be sad and alone forever

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I don’t want to be sad and alone forever ?