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發佈時間 2017-08-27


Words/Music: Paul Jennings


I fell into the sky,
As you said goodbye.

Such an inelegant descent,
From cloud nine.

And as I fell past the heavens,
I couldn't help but think that, the angels don't look anything like I imagined.

Because they don't look like you.
And they don't fly like you.
And their halos will never shine as bright as your eyes do.

And they can never break my heart in two.

As I fell through the universe,
I wrote these words.

To kee myself from breaking down,
Although it's not like anybody would've heard.

And as I fell past the heavens,
I couldn't hep but think that the angels don't sound anything like I imagined.

Cause they don't sing like you.
And they don't cry like you.
And their wings don't bend and break like yours do.

And they could never split my heart in two.

Like you. Like you.

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