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11 月



Void : Bas Mooy (Mord), Waves Of Doppler, Haus Danst Haus

Void : Bas Mooy (Mord), Waves Of Doppler, Haus Danst Haus

2019 年 11 月 16 日 | 星期六 | 23:00

Taipei City・B1查看地圖

Bas Mooy (Berlin)・都普勒浪潮 Waves of Doppler・Haus Danst Haus

1 位街聲音樂人


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Void 是一個全新專注於 Techno 的系列專案,我們將在未來為各位請到許多 Techno 的優秀的 DJ / 製作人。第一場我們請到 Bas Mooy-

鹿特丹的DJ /製作人Bas Mooy 自1999年以來就活躍在 Techno 領域的許多領域。在工業 Techno的不間斷的沉重影響下,他逐漸創造了自己獨特的黑暗聲響,將他帶到了歐洲技術界的最前端。

2002年,他與唱片公司合作夥伴 Jeroen Liebregts 或 Radial 共同創立了傳奇的Audio Assault 唱片公司,並在一年後誕生了子商 Arms。從那時起,Audio Assault 系列在全球建立了強大且不斷增長的粉絲群,展現了令人印象深刻的產品,其恆定輸出達到12英寸,亦為當今優質的黑暗技術創造了標準。

多年來,Bas 一直是一位辛勤工作和敬業的製作人,在錄音室里花費了許多時間,並在許多受人尊敬的唱片公司發布音樂,例如 Mote Evolver,Perc Trax,CLR,Sleaze Records,Pole Group,Planet Rhythm,當然還有他自己的唱片公司 Audio Assault 和 Mord!

Line up:

Bas Mooy ( Mord Records / Audio Assault Records / Rotterdam)
都普勒浪潮 Waves of Doppler (Taipei / Tw)
Haus Danst Haus (void / tw)

票價;500 NTD
Opening / Closing : 11pm / 6AM
No photo / No video.
18+ with ID


Beyond the edge, enter the… void.
Based in Taipei, void is a collective dedicated to Techno in a pure form.
When and where: no meaning is meaningful.
Void is an inclusive space where we want you to have the freedom to be who/what ever you want to be.

For our first event we invite the Rotterdam's DJ/producer: Bas Mooy (Mord).
He has been active in many areas of the Techno fields since 1999.
Under the constant influence of industrial Techno, he gradually created his own unique dark sound, bringing him to the forefront of European techno scene.

In 2002, he co-founded the legendary Audio Assault Records company with record company partner Jeroen Liebregts a.k.a Radial.
The label Arms, was born a year later.
Since then, the Audio Assault series has built a strong and growing fan base around the world, demonstrating an impressive product with a constant output of 12 inches, which also sets the standard for today's premium dark techno.

For many years, Bas Mooy has been a hardworking and dedicated producer, spending a lot of time in the studio and publishing music on many respected record companies such as Mote Evolver, Perc Trax, CLR, Sleaze Records, Pole. Group, Planet Rhythm, and of course his own record companies Audio Assault and Mord!

line up:

Bas Mooy (Mord / Audio Assault Records / Rotterdam)
都普勒浪潮 Waves of Doppler (Taipei / Tw)
Haus Danst Haus (void / Tw)

Entrance : 500 NTD
Opening / Closing : 11pm / 6AM
No photo / No video.
18+ with ID

#techno #industrial

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