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3 月



"Thus I Have Heard 如是我聞 Vol.3" Emma Palm & Marc Merza + 非/密閉空間 Non-Confined Space

"Thus I Have Heard 如是我聞 Vol.3" Emma Palm & Marc Merza + 非/密閉空間 Non-Confined Space

2023 年 3 月 23 日 | 星期四 | 20:30


非/密閉空間 Non-Confined Space

1 位街聲音樂人


"Thus I Have Heard 如是我聞 Vol.3"
Emma Palm & Marc Merza + 非/密閉空間 Non-Confined Space.

OPEN 20:30 / START 21:00
DOOR 350(+Drink)

Emma Palm is a Taiwanese-American musician and visual artist based in Los Angeles. Her music incorporates synthesizers, field recordings, guqin, and vocals to create sonic collages of meditative soundscapes that reflect on the interconnectedness of identity, environment, memory, and communication.

Marc Merza is a Filipino-American artist and musician based in Los Angeles, California. His recordings are at times improvisational and spontaneous, and other times, heavily crafted, sculpted and reworked. He often composes on guitar, clarinet and Kulintang (a Filipino gong set) to speak to others, but the use of tape loops, field recordings and electronic equipment are not foreign in Marc’s music.

As a duo, Marc and Emma utilize both of their skill sets and sound art techniques to create experiences, performances and installations that further explore themes found in their solo work. Their current objective is to continue to investigate personal identity and Asian American diaspora through sonic landscapes. In 2023, the duo intend to travel together to their respective family’s countries (the Philippines and Taiwan) with the intention to gather inspiration, material and information for upcoming works.

【非/密閉空間】Non-Confined Space

非/密閉空間是謝明諺和鄭各均將即興、爵士、電子及嘻哈等元素交融作用的兩人團體,而不時會加入影像操偶師邱群。他們有其道地,擅長打造音聲、織體與存在維度不斷變化和前進的無限空間。以實驗電子及即興音樂風格的首張專輯 《 Flow,Gesture, And Space》 入圍了2020金曲獎「演奏類最佳作曲人」,

Non-Confined Space is an electronic improv duo created by Sonic Deadhorse (Guitar, Electronic, Live Visual) and Minyen Hsieh (Saxophones, Woodwinds) in 2014. Each has been treading in the ponds called Experimental Electronica and Contemporary Jazz respectively for many years, now they are back with a bounty of brand new chops. Taiwanese musician/producer Blaire Ko described NCS music are “The frontiers of Taiwanese music.” Their 2nd albums 《 Flow, Gesture, And Space》 2019 & 《Meta, Construct Within' Spaces》2022 simply approves that.

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