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Fann 芳怡
Fann 芳怡

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發布時間 2012-01-10


2011年, Fang-I Liu 完成了他的首張全創作 EP ”Confessions”, ”Confessions” 是由 Christian Klikovits & AJ Oliveira 所製作。 這張EP也集結了許多好萊塢知名樂手共同演出: Keyboards-Christian Klikovits / Guitars-Ross Bolton (Rick Braun, David Benoit, Al Jarrea) / Additional Guitars-AJ Oliveira / Drums-George Dum (David Archuleta, Nick Lachey) / Mastered by Dave Collins (Linkin Park, Soundgarden, Ben Harper)。
”Confessions” 記錄了 Fang 最真實的感情以及創作能量, 她的歌憂傷卻又充滿力量,她的聲音清澈明亮. 一個隻身在異地生存的獨立音樂創作者,用她的音樂和歌聲傳達出一份孤單與堅強,希望能藉由這張專輯觸碰每個靈魂內心深處那個極需要勇氣的角落。

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Round and around
I’ve got nowhere to run
Live goes on and on
I am so under the gun

I wish someone told me what I should do
Get you out of there
Or I come to you

I walk back and forth
Is your love for real?
Inside of this world
There’s no end to this wheel

You’re out of control
I’ve got no one to tell
We’re in this struggle
You just care for yourself?

We’re in a big circle

You don’t listen to me
How do you know what I feel?
It’s just a big circle
Everybody’s talking to me
This ain’t the way I should be

Day after day
I try to make you believe
With love and hate
Too much in between
The more that you keep
The less I can give
If I beg and I plead
Would you set yourself free?

One day I might find a way to follow
Is there a chance To walk away from my sorrow

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