I Am Going To Stanley

Singer / Songwriter ・ Daydream With You Tonight

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I Am Going To Stanley

the evening primrose 月見

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發佈時間 2016-07-25


summertime is coming
let's throw away our stationary
bury all the textbooks
just keep the biology
the bible is so heavy
never it told where is my heaven
chemistry is a mystery
it never give me the energy

i'd like to see the dolphin
but i am lacking of money
i steal some from my mummy
and then take the bus to stanley

it's really a heaven
so many pretties
going to stanley
i am going stanley

listen, she is coming
oh, my swim pants so nasty
she keeps on smiling
on my clumsy posing

i wanna be a dolphin and try to make her happy
i'm sinking to the bottom
she said i'm funny

she is laughing at me
she is laughing at me
she's so lovely
when she is laughing at me

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