Minnesota Dreaming
Minnesota Dreaming

Minnesota Dreaming


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Minnesota Dreaming

Minnesota Dreaming

方恩沁(Eunice Png)
方恩沁(Eunice Png)

  • 李吉他2012校園創作大獎賽【彈唱創作組】

發布時間 2012-08-29


Driver Please go faster
I can't want to board the plane at two
seconds are ticking slower
Drawing out my dreary time with you
Me and my guitar
are out to make a name
Off to a brand new start

Im thinking of…(so sick of)
white snowy fields
warm lakeside meals
crop art
and apple tarts
the endless frigid cold
Im dreaming of…(I'm leaving)
Flowers in bloom
gliding canoes
in woolen mitts
to relive, the feeling of you(to explore, a life without you)

Over the last three years
I've loved you more and more each day
You took away my fears
and told me chase my dreams without delay
Tell me you will wait
for me to come back home
from ten thousand miles away


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