Escape ft. Nella

分類 Pop
發佈 2010 年 11 月 1 日





yo...this song is dedicated to....
the ones that have been hurt before...
and just want to escape , know..

This songs
dedicated to
the ones you love
and the broken hearted

uh , 在這黑暗的夜裡
no one can see me hear me or save me
我只想要逃離 世界帶來的難題
makes me wanna leave
my hometown cause I feel so alone now
頭腦跟身體 不停的奔跑
look up in the sky wonder if anyone knows how

So many questions
so little time to explain whats on my mind with these rhymes in this session
時間不夠 但種有時候
but this world is so cold I wonder if u know that
我真的不能take it slow
just close your eyes and let this song go

Chorus x2

Verse2: (Nella)

You wanna escape from the world that full of bull shit and argument
you know how much you need me but you act like I’m not relevant
See my face if I got a blade I wanna cut myself
Since no one had ever gave a damn bout how i felt
Recipe of my remedy is not a secret
I pull you outta car race and put you on a segway
Maybe I’m noxious but that doesn’t matter
You’re so addicted we belong together
I’ll sing you lullaby while I blur your vision
I eat your conscious all your worries and ambition
Hate me if you want to but soon you will be begging
I’m the only hope for you to walk through dark navy
Maybe I’m just a lil pill
Giving you a lil help
I’m your shutter your cure I’m your therapy
I’m your wings take you to a place that you’ll never leave
Rest in peace whenever you lost your memories


Chorus x2

if you ever wanted to escape......