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音樂人 臺北市

杜蟲:跨領域電音制作人。表演聲光、自制樂器。2017 奧地利林茲數位藝術節、丹麥click festival演出藝術家 。
在破碎的台灣文化中,用音樂情感渲染,苟且偷生的一條蠕蟲。結合肢體表演、電腦程式,善於編排民族聲響與電子音樂。七情六慾的從Ambient 到 Beats & Bass…

Duanger: Cross field artist,
Playing light-work, self-made instruments and beats. Performed at 2017 Ars electronica, Austria. Click festival, Denmark.
Duanger - duang kianger: the sound of hitting Chinese Gongs + "being baked" in Taiwanese slang. Mixes live set with coding and body performers. Skilled in arranging ethnic sounds with electronic, he’s tracks are not based on genres but feelings, ranging form Ambient to Beats & Bass…

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