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beautiful (demo ukulele)
beautiful (demo ukulele)

beautiful (demo ukulele)


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beautiful (demo ukulele)

beautiful (demo ukulele)


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  • 週排行冠軍歌曲

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發布時間 2010-12-01



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OH~ you've been tried so hard to be like a beautiful girl
you did so , yet you did so
when they tried to wake you up form your beautiful world
they wouldnt know you dont think they'll know

you wanna chage your mouth
and change your eyes and change you face and the change your nose

you ganna and change your waist change your Chest and change your dress
try to be like her

you look at the mirrow how beautiful
look at the new one so beautiful

but it's just not that easy as you thought
belive or not but the thing is real
brfore you charge the one inside you
so please just take it as you are just trust that
how beautiful you are

I've got to tell you something you never know
being simple is beautiful
just remind you of something you already knew
your simple is beautiful

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