Boss Ox
Boss Ox

Boss Ox


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Boss Ox

Boss Ox


發佈時間 2021-04-06


Look at yourself
Like dead man walking search for nothing
And moan in this empty night
Now fill your cups again
Hand over your soul
And dance with me
So tell me it's the way you escape
Escape... escape from your week

How can we find our way when losing the sign?
Or we all just born to die?
Does it keep you alive?
I don't want to waste my life
But we trapped in that
Keep my head in the cloud this time
Just make me drunk tonight

Show me your wild
Drinking day and night
Let's throw all the fuckin guilt to the fuckin sky
So when everything is wrong at least I still feel right

Do I lose my pride?
Do I lose my mind?
Tomorrow will be fine?
But I don't give a fuck!

Why does it feel so real?

How can I find my pride when losing my mind?
I just want to take it back
To know that I'm still alive

I want to take it back
And I will take it back
All these weight of my pride

I want to take it back
And I will hold it tight
Let us take it back

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