DEW - forever (acoustic)
DEW - forever (acoustic)

DEW - forever (acoustic)

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DEW - forever (acoustic)

DEW - forever (acoustic)

汪定中 DEW
汪定中 DEW

發布時間 2023-03-28


Caught up in another dream
You were there next to me
White shirt with a neon T
Tried to run but I had no feet

Remember how it used to be
Days gone but it all comes back to me
Why do I find it so hard
To breathe

I don’t know why
Every time you go passing by
I wanna tell you
How I feel
Is this real
But I don’t know what to say to you

All the things we left unsaid
Replaying over in my head

Oh I want you
But I can’t wait forever
And I miss you
But we don’t have forever
Remember all the nights
When we were so young
We thought it'd last forever
But nothing lasts forever
No nothing lasts forever
No we don't have forever

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