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發佈時間 2018-01-13


Little Shy on Allen Street:
Chelin(大偉) - Guitar/Vocal
Gaetan(凱同) - Drums/Backing vocal
Tade(鈞傑) - Guitar
Weixiang(維翔) - Bass/Backing vocal

keyboards & Synth / 蔡任博 a.k.a. Walrussound 海象之聲

餅乾(熊寶貝樂團) on Backing Vocal

Group sing /魏駿,餅乾,大芬,Ronald,Purple小紫,Yici,張淦勛,蔡任博,伊娃

Song writing / Lyrics by Chelin Liu (大偉)
Arranged by Little Shy on Allen Street
Recording / Little Shy on Allen Street
All of main vocals recorded / 魏駿 in Air Studio No.5
All of acoustic drums recorded in ADM mustic studio
Mixing Engineer / 李維翔
Mastering / Dave Collins

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For a moment she pokes me and says
I walk on a rope
There is no clue that we made it true, that`s all
So we know
We have been crawling toward the sign
Through the design we`re feeling fine
We have been crawling toward the pride
So I go oh oh oh paralyzed
I leave a smell so I know
When it`s darker I won`t be along
My eyes won`t see blood coloring a wall
Please don`t wake me up till it falls
It`s paralyzed

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mark_wang・6 個月前