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AlternativeUnnatural Objects and Their Humans

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發布時間 2017-03-30


Kill time till the end arrives

You keep your rotting shell as human
with flesh and bones no more than a tasteless skin
Along it comes the casual evil
you wash your sins in a pool of lukewarm mess
To save yourself from the daily monster
you turn to a bland belief to feel complete
A cloud of dirty buzzing shadows
mutates and takes the form of an ugly (monster)


Tell me what to do and (I’ll do it)
Guide me how to feel (and I’ll pursue it)
Learn your ways through a rotten system
You won’t smell the stench when you’re swimming in the vomit
Clinging on your face your hair your clothes
your neck your mouth they numb your senses
Moving in packs like dust like dirt
like a storm like plague like an endemic pollution

Dance dance dance
While they glorify evil
While the innocent dies
As we taint our conscience
As our mothers cry
As we grow in number
As we swarm the sky
As they molest our children
As we start to comply
As sickness takes over
Now we endorse in crime
As we settle into monsters
Now we will never die

(Do you register anything happening around you)
(If they want you blind will you give up your sight)

Rotten food you’re good for me
Filthy air you’re good for me
Burning flesh you’re good for me
Drowning world you’re good for me
Everything is good for me
Everything is good for me
And what do I do now
I don’t want to be the only one awake

Now you play human

They call you human

You feel
Brain dead

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