Brian Emo
Brian Emo

Brian Emo

AlternativeUnnatural Objects and Their Humans

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Brian Emo

Brian Emo


發布時間 2017-03-30


Brian walks home and cries into a pillow
Boiling in anger then softening in sorrow
Waking up next day carry on with fear
Shuffling along in the whiteness of evil

He was told that hope would keep him sane
But its hope that gives him all the pain
There are screams you hear and screams you don’t
The world is quiet but it isn’t kind
They push for an answer but the question is blind

And as an instinct to survive
He finds a new way to exist
The more poison pours out from his wounds
The brighter he shines
Until all his cuts become unstoppable fountains
Pouring out not pain but immense pleasure
He’s become one of his kind

You created me
out of confusion, raw panic, disease-ridden thoughts
I am born out of fear and loathing

I had been here, a small part of you
Vulnerable like a balled up infant
But now I’m growing stronger
and stronger
and stronger

I am the knife you swing
I am the screams you cry
I am the blood you shed
I am what helps you survive

I’m in the drugs you take
I’m in the pain you feel
I’m in the air you breathe
I am what keeps you alive

I am invisible
I am undeniable
I am uncontrollable
I am inside, inside!

I am not one of them
I will be all of them
I will be everywhere
I will spread like a fire

to end your torture to earn your life
Run! Run! Run!

It’s burning up your legs, your thighs, your chest,
your head, your hair, your face, your whole-
consume me!

Sickly sweet toxic all pouring out of my system
Deformed, unusual, tragic, alive

I warned you about what I could do to you
I warned you about what I could do

I am free from the alien loneliness
I am free from your endless prejudice
I am free from unwanted affections
I am free from a crooked box you called family
I am free

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