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The Master's Curse
The Master's Curse

The Master's Curse


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The Master's Curse

The Master's Curse

Dark Charybdis 暴噬者
Dark Charybdis 暴噬者

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發布時間 2023-03-30


07 The Master's Curse (04:14)
Draped in shadow
The master's curse
Invoked in verse

Mingled visions
Dark incisions

Pale before me lies my victim
Drained of life, a dictum
Is burned upon the chest
Strange this place, bereft
Thoughts turn paranoid
Infinity burns in the immortal void

Bend and break the forms of mortal...


Flailing cold and damned
Reborn by the master's hand

Murder old as man
Trembling voice
Fail to withstand
The fate, no other choice
Will be done
Treacherous tale spun

Hatred, the war is won

Light, Mandala burned in the mind
Spite, steel of the blade, consciousness raised
Seeking the end, portend, symbols engraved

Bend and break my frail and mortal...

Soul, memories cold
Death retold

Dead before me lies the victim
Drains my life, a dictum
Inscribed upon us all forever
Foretold by the gods' daggers and chains
Waiting for signs of malfunction
Seizing chance for man's injunction

Soul, memories cold
Death retold

Now reaching the end, infinity's curse
New beginning descends
Enfold, in darkness embraced
Blank faced the
Enemy lingers in pain
Struggle in vain
Behold the fire of the incarnate curse
Light disperse

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