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The Darkness That Bleeds
The Darkness That Bleeds

The Darkness That Bleeds


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The Darkness That Bleeds

The Darkness That Bleeds

Dark Charybdis 暴噬者
Dark Charybdis 暴噬者

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發布時間 2023-03-30


04 The Darkness That Bleeds (04:03)

The anger that walks
A shadow creed
The fucking darkness that bleeds

Rank torture
Decades of mortal torment
State of blindness and pain
Violent intent, sadistic reign

Reeking of the foulness of this place I make it my own
Reprisals of self-inflicted wounds forever sewn

Journey into spaces of the bleak unknown
The bleak unknown

Within the withering
A deception festers
Incessantly screaming
Rage uncoiled
Dead or dreaming of enemies despoiled

Cowards, fucking hypocrites
Flesh sliced to ragged slits
Hung to beg and die
Perverse pleasures, the moral derelicts
Raise a prayer, the dead man's curdled cry

Rise from the dead
Arise from the dread
In death's stead

In the echoes of voices in hell's wake
Sounds I crave
A plague's grim vision
Those too late to save

Thought that I would soon break
Steel bleeds what you take
What you fucking take

Taste the fear, the acrid burning
Breed the air of endless pain
From the blackness, a churning of damned souls
Drowning the rain

Cruelty without remorse
Despotic force

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