Love ain't red

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Love ain't red

觸執毛 Chochukmo

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發佈時間 2013-10-15


don't tell me what to love
don't teach me how to love
i have seen how you love
it's a different kind of love

i will know what to love
i will learn how to love
i rather not to love
than be hurt by your love

i'll tell what to love
i'll tell you how to love
overwhelmed by love
you'll be crashed by our love

don't hesitate to love
don't hesitate to love
sing in the name of love
dance in the name of love

love is green love is blue
love is brown love is purple
love is pink love is white
love is black love is yellow
don't paint me red
i'm colorful
why only red
i'm colorful

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