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Question No More
Question No More

Question No More


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Question No More

Question No More

椅子樂團 The Chairs
椅子樂團 The Chairs

12 月


【 椅子樂團 2023 The Great Escape of Our Time 專場巡迴 】- 台北場

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發布時間 2013-07-20


Lately I’ve been indulged to the heart that loves your eyes when it’s like diamond shinning bright
And I think it gonna last forever and ever when you leans your shoulder next to mine
now and then

I’ve never been it before
That someone gives warmth that near to hold
And I think I should not miss it all
Maybe I should give my hand and seize yours
And question no more

But I wonder why now I see you often but I don’t feel that high, maybe it’s my insecurity triggered
You’re such a good girl that anyone would reach to and they’re made feeling fine

You’re like a candle sent
that lite each lonely heart

Well I guess I’ve realized
That it hurts when mine have no the biggest flame
Lord I thought I had it all
I should have rid off that arrogant mind
And questioned it all

Seek to figure it out
And find a gate to break

Girl I’m not a bad guy anyway
I shall throw thoughts away and get prepared
Maybe some day you find me not bad
I will still wait here with my purest heart

Before that…

I will question no more
I should question no more about love

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