Crystal Weekend
Crystal Weekend

Crystal Weekend


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Crystal Weekend

Crystal Weekend

夜行巴士 Noc Buzz
夜行巴士 Noc Buzz

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發佈時間 2017-03-14


In a break of dawn I can’t feel you else tonight
I question to your lies,and I never satisfy
A ration for, starve me to the bones… ignite,
the fire in your eyes,and I know I will survive

寫給自己一封信 面對有天要失去你

I’ll never die in a crystal weekend
Drop me from the sky fall to your side,on a restless night
Then stop me from embrace the ceiling
Ever changing words when curtains falling down
Its time to say good bye

Rising night by night
pieces of me sliced we dive
into night by night
Change of season, you’ll still be mine

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