Grimm Daddy Grimm Lady

Rock ・ The Great Fall Onto Madness

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Grimm Daddy Grimm Lady

Mr Bones and The Boneyard Circus

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發佈時間 2018-03-22


Hey there Grimm Daddy where is Grimm Lady
Has she left you for dead
Head to the barrel start a kerfuffle
Chop that lady's head!

Screaming and moaning, bullets are blazing
Getting caught in the fire
Grinding her heart up, revenge in the cup
This cant get any higher

Lets start the cutting, red rubies dripping
Feeling sick in the head
Bottles are smashing back bones are breaking
Bloody glasses are fed!

Fighting in their graves, killing till this day
They are like newly weds
Cracking of the skulls, howling to their calls
They have lost their heads!

Kissing and moaning, cold hands are shaking
Fiery eyes are dead
Lets have a wedding, dancing and rolling
Baby Grimm is fed!

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