Best Behavior - JoyGinger &PRINCI

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發佈 2019 年 1 月 29 日




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Best Behaviour
it’ll work out in the end
we don’t have to be friends
might hurt u now but save u later
being a b**h is my
best behaviour
verse 1:
all alone in bed
texts left on read
don’t care what u said
here to get my bread
it’s all in your head
you think we make good friends
verse 2:
if i want it
then i get it
and u know i got it
don’t be shocked
when i put up the event
u not on the list
u live for the likes
and i do what i like
living up my life
no parasites
[hook repeat]
verse 3:
yes i cleanse
we’re no friends
get rid of toxic energy
my body is a benz
that i clean
every week
keep it mean
keep it neat
i’m that freak
now u wanna peep
what we had was cool
but it’s just me on my team
cos i play
on my own
thought this was a body
but baby it’s a throne

在上一张EP--Love Is Illusion大受好评后,JoyGinger经过一年的沉寂与准备,即将揭开全新EP--Love Is Medicine的面貌。Best Behavior作为整张EP的首发单曲,由JoyGinger操刀制作制作,和来自澳洲备受追捧的音乐人PRINCI共同完成。