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End of Beginning Acoustic
End of Beginning Acoustic

End of Beginning Acoustic


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End of Beginning Acoustic

End of Beginning Acoustic

Endtrocity 暴行終止
Endtrocity 暴行終止

12 月


Can you spell them?

發布時間 2021-09-30


speak no more

we’re all sick of fighting system in fear

confront the federation for the sake of broken homes

believe in nothing

borne to set loose of the notion

we suffer in something that we won’t forget

so burn burn burn

take back you own

you will be murder

of the people and just nothing like us

let it all burn burn burn

everything you have said

this is the debt for every single has to pay

like you said

i can’t see the light where i fell just withered

we will be crush by regulation

our righteous our righteous you said ?

no more mistake

just can’t find the truth but I won’t just withered

just withered

we are in race, inside us

Prescribe system are the disease

we’re gonna die in chain

we’re gonna die in vain

they’re tide to everything

every single bit

this is not the only runaway

my breath are drown where the ocean lies

i can’t see through when the river dies

my knees are crushed every step I take

through every step I made

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