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Endtrocity 暴行終止
Endtrocity 暴行終止

發布時間 2021-09-30


let go of the grip of heart, we got to run from shadeless self

peace is like a distant bell

anti - emotion

life has failed

so please tell me where the fuck do I belong

I got to escape

this is all fake

and so I got to break

break it through

we are drown in rage

caught up in a dark mental cage

time flies like days

it's taking over me cause i just can't

Just can’t

we got to run fast

for everything that fucking haunt us

why is everything so fucking wrong and fuck up

you're gonna ruin it

just give it back you myself

get off my shadow

I won't let you drag me down

and I won't let you drag me down

tear me into pieces so I feel nothing every bit is lost

tell me where the fuck do i belong now

tear it all down just piece by piece

I hear the distant bell

we are devastated in own way

somebody tell me what's the point of this

there's no stopping me

got nothing to scare me

I just can't feel anything

I just can't feel anything


I just can’t feel anything

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