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Endtrocity 暴行終止

12 月


Can you spell them?

發布時間 2021-09-30


Let’s Play with fire and light up those anger now

So Fear me now and I will be out of my storm

I’ll chase you down so Run and hide

from your inner mind, give me that

Friendly scene that I’ll make it a backstabbing scheme

So Break your knees and keep your mouth shut

You’re gonna get your spine shot

This is the sound of your endless cycle

Better eat your pills, all of those happy meals

So devil and I can make a deal

And you’re gonna pass out

Listen now

Deep breath then squeeze your lungs out

And take the shots to let us spit out the wrong doubt

Let’s be honest just for now

Your mind is a dead drought

can’t you see

Peace is never forever

conscious is dead along when the lights out

The fracture of you


The god has forsaken you

To break the cycle

we’ll make their face frown

Oh shit

I’ll crawl out my grave and choke you to death

return with hate.

Press Alt and F4 and reset your downfall

Get some drugs (and) pills

They got your head filled

Fed with hate

Like this

So that you’re getting sick of fucking fate

Fed with fame

So that in

demise, that you know this is my favorite game

Fed with hate

no matter how I fall and I will be stumping over fate

Alright let’s do this

Do you hear the desperate sing ?

Do you hear the desperate sing?

Do you hear the desperate sing ?

Do you hear the desperate sing ?

I will be your fucking cure


The god has forsaken you

Oh shit

The god has forsaken you

Return with hate. You desperate fuck

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