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"City Of Dreams"是由澳門音樂品牌"Warm Wall 暖巢音樂"製作及出版,以及聯合伙伴廠牌"4daz-le records 科達思"合作推廣之全英專輯。是風麼·達成(主唱)及鄧志峰(結他)於2013至2014年之間的歷程作品集。歌曲大部份抽取於二人於"WallWell"時期之即興作品,旋律隨著結他的一惱沖激波上奔放遊走。各自在歌曲中主次調換。樂曲保留大部份即咗時段落之繁雜不整。經過重新編制,描繪出別具一格的世界。

“Cities were built and prospered but we come and go. We search through shattered souls and weakened wills for truth in every right and wrong. We are rolling in the city, suit in the midst of uncertainty, and laugh it off. ‘ Life’ itself is a series of struggles, silence, and slamming doors.”

“City Of Dreams” is an English album. The album is a collection of songs co-written by Gassi (Vocal) and Chai Kefu (Guitar) between 2013-2014. Most of the songs in the album were built on the improvisation works by the duo during their time in "WallWell" era with re-arrangements made to present unique perspectives.

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