Joyful Things
Joyful Things

Joyful Things

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Joyful Things

Joyful Things


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發布時間 2012-06-09


Look out now for all the joyful things that the day brings in
bring her in and give her a seat at your table
things would be so much easier if you'd just give in
just give in and things will turn out for the better

It takes a while to reconcile this faceless land
where time flies by and people create their own troubles
when trouble comes she just sleeps around and hangs out a while
cracks a smile she's cruel and she's willing and able

You know I'm trying oh so hard
I'm dying
It tears me apart!

Lalalalalala love will make you want to sing!

Until it goes away oh
then you'll say
"How could I ever feel this way?
I should have saved it for a better day."
But don't let the blues turn your happier hues to gray

I would be cold if I were alone but I'm not I'm with you!
its 8:52 and I press on the snooze
I would be sad if my words weren't clear but they are and sincere!
And I'm droppin' the clues...

I haven't said the things in my head were running around well now they've settled down
so now I can discern
They've given me a price for clarity which I do not deserve
Haven't they got the nerve

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paddie_jone・4 年前

Just happen to hear this song, it's great!!