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TzChien is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter whose works featured orchestra in folk songs. Her lyrics are withdrawn and poetic. Her songs are rather soundtrack-like and musical. Since her debut album【Life as an Individual】, she has been writing, composing and producing her own works.

The later work【Life as People】is a conceptual twin of 【Life as an Individual】. TzChien’s music conveys the image of the society: full of inevitable oppression, but still managing to find some warmth and beautify within.

2016.12.24 發行首張迷你專輯【生而為人的故事Life as an Individual】,全詞曲創作編輯製作。
2017.04.01 Spring Scream 春天吶喊
2017.04.06 The Next Big Thing 大團誕生
2017.08 (2016入選)南面而歌收錄單曲 < 漸漸變成一部分的山 >
2017.12.22 發行單曲 < 無窗的房間 >
2018.03.01 發行原聲帶【最後的信函】
2018.04.28 發行單曲 < 綠色的海 >
2018.12.24 發行EP【生而為人的故事 LIfe as People】
2019.04.28 ...

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