Promise(English Version)
Promise(English Version)

Promise(English Version)

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Promise(English Version)

Promise(English Version)

Sun Shine Club
Sun Shine Club

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發布時間 2010-09-14



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《 Promise 英文版 》
Lyrics、作曲:Bobby 超人 Neo 編曲:Horace Dennis

Bobby:Honey,look into my blue eyes, its the ocean of my love~

Neo: They say the world is liberal still no one can understand us
You and me: never meant to be You and me are different
Color shouldn't bring us trouble I Need U. Promise Me

Dan: I ignore the gossip won't give up my days tomorrow
You and me:always meant to be Never mind what they say
come you know that i will be there I will promise you

To:You are my whole world you're with me always
Despite the issue I won't let you go
To:You are my true love my only dream girl
Although we both come from a distant place

Bob: Baby don't u worry one day you will want to be free
In my heart, you will stay with me
I don't care what they say, I just wonder if you will play
Will you promise me

Stv: Baby i won't worry Promise you, you needn't hurry
In my dreams, you will be with me
Don't care what they think throw away your inhibitions
Promise me, you will go with me.

To: don't run on me now I want you with me
I'll mean the world to you just trust in me
To:I need only u so much I hate you
Cause I hate you for how much I want you

Sup:Oh My Love Will you Promise me
Trust me please, you are in My heart
My Loves' Only for You

Repeat: red part


Never mind what they say, we shouldn't be afraid
We'll never frown and look forward to the next day
Let's close our eyes, and look into our hearts
Deep inside we are pumping the same blood, and its love
I know, yes baby i know,
that the warmth beneath your skin must be real
You know, yea babe you know,
that your projection in my eyes is most beautiful yo
Baby come with me, nothing to worry
as long as your with me you will be happy
you can live my life, I can live yours,
we can try noodle, sushi, pasta and French fries
You are my Barbie, I will make you happy
You and I are never lonely cause we're lucky
love you forever, no matter your color
i turned color blind the moment I become your lover

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