Breathing Waste
Breathing Waste

Breathing Waste

RockAerolite / Breathing Waste

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Breathing Waste

Breathing Waste


發佈時間 2018-08-01


Produced & Recorded by 按樂團 Press It

Mixed by Nat Boda
Mastered by Neil Matharoo in New York, NY

Drums recorded at Line In Studio 籟音音樂影像工作室 in Taipei, Taiwan

“Breathing Waste”
written by Nat Boda & Robbie Shaw

按樂團Press It:
小風 - vocals
詒徽 - keys
阿熱 - guitars
紹維 - bass
Nat - drums

Additional Instrumentation:
Robbie Shaw: violin and strings

Artwork by 按樂團 Press It

Made In Taiwan.

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I’m wasting breath, in an avalanche, when trapped beneath the weight
Plans burn to shit, in a pyroclastic flow released within
In my lungs, in an echo chamber trying to bounce back
I’m checking in, but in my mind I’ve been checked out for sometime

Floating free, like a traveler lost adrift in cosmic seas
So it seems, with no release I’m at the whim of gravity

Running in place has run me down
Hiding in plain sight shuts me down
Breathing is my only sound

I’m breathing in, in this moment I am feeling young again
Try freezing this, like a photograph, I snap with every blink

Looking glass, from a million miles beyond I see the past
Moving fast, while I’m still, I’m aiming for my breath to last
Moving fast, while I’m still, I’m aiming for my breath to last

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