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Slowing Oscillation (斯洛頻率)

音樂人 臺北市


斯洛頻率是一支台灣搖滾樂隊,於2015年成立。他們的音樂讓人聯想到 Dance Gavin Dance, Periphery, Chon 和 Circa Survive。透過Strawberry Smoothie 和 How Many Hours Did You Sleep? 以及最新發行的單曲“Two Faced Fuck”, 斯洛頻率以跳耀式、不受拘束、不斷嘗試著新的風格,在台灣樂團界闖出一條自己的路。 斯洛頻率由Jun(主唱),Baba(吉他手),Wei(鼓手)和Oscar(貝斯手)組成。

Slowing Oscillation 斯洛頻率 is a Taiwanese rock band formed in 2015. Their sonic signature is reminiscent of everything from Dance Gavin Dance to Periphery, to Chon and Circa Survive. With instrumental hits like Strawberry Smoothie and How Many Hours Did You Sleep? and their newly released single, Two Faced Fuck, they're rising in the Taiwanese music scene as a jack of all trades band who bring forth a unique take on music by exploring various genres and making music that represents all their influences. Slowing Oscillation consists of Jun (Vocals), Baba (Guitar), Wei (Drums), and Oscar (Bass).

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