Bow For The Lion

分類 Folk
發佈 2014 年 2 月 20 日




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Gaze at the rising sun
Fire, cunning, a load gun
Shiver, run, run, run, it's alright

Flee from what's not yet done
Face it, it's not just games and fun
Shiver, run, run, run, it's alright

Bow to the lion's might
Maybe, we all just live in fright
Stand still, run, run, from, the sunlight.

The lion's kingdom falls
But yet we're still not learning
The moonlight kingdom calls
To us

But we all, fall, down into this race
Come, child, let us set a pace
Come now this is not a game

在成長的過程中 我們為了迎合現實有意或無心的將自己鑄造成適者生存的獅子 時常忘了放慢腳步 欣賞沿途的風景

這首歌 向各位在旅途中奔波的獅子們致意

Growing up, we were molded to be lions to survive in this world. In doing so, some of us might've forgotten that it's ok to slow down every once in a while and take in all that surrounds us. Here's to you all, we bow to you.