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Whether a prayer or a plea, it is to get what you desire or lack through rituals. But we never know from what perspective the Almighty, whom we believe in, looks at all things.

Perhaps, it is the countless beliefs that support harmony. There is no need for worship or applause. Eternal existence only requires selfless devotion.



Ukulele|Feng E

Arranged by Rainy Knight
Keys by Alice Lee
Produced by LNiCH
Assisted by Attis
Drums Technician by Relaxx Tseng
Recorded by LNiCH,Min-Hsiang Chang
Recorded at Gather Music Studio,Wave Productions
Mixed by LNiCH
Mixed at Gather Music Studio
Mastered by LNiCH

Publisher by Gather Music
Presenter by LNiCH
Executive Producer by Attis
A&R and Marketing Executive by Rainy Knight,Gather Music
Artist Managers by LNiCH,Payge Liu
Special Project Supervisor by Chen Yi Yi
Packaging Design & Illustrator by SallyChien
OP/SP:Gather Music Studio/Music Bravo Co., Ltd



Director | Dn Lian
D.O.P | Vettel Chung
Assistant to Director | Ray Wu

Best Boy | Xuan Chen‧Younghow‧Dingyun
Art Director | Calvin Lan
Art Assistant |Conylulu ‧XuanYi‧Dave hsieh

Hairstyle artist | Carice
Stylist | Lucylulu

Editor | Dn Lian
Colorist | Dn Lian

Special Thanks | Izo Cheng‧CaBe Yang‧Joy Wang‧Guo Yow‧Jasmine Lin